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In India, 57% of senior leaders believe that soft skills, such as communication and leadership, are more important than hard skills according to a survey done by LinkedIn. Furthermore, public speaking is a common fear for many people, with up to 75% of individuals experiencing some level of anxiety or nervousness when speaking in public. However, with proper training and practice, public speaking can become a valuable personal and professional development skill.

"Unlock your potential with the Leaders Club of India - providing practical training, mentorship, and networking opportunities for professionals."

"80% of individuals lack leadership skills - don't be one of them! Join the Leaders Club of India and enhance your skills." We invite professionals to our workshop as guests to various prestigious leaders from every profession. Everyone can gain leadership skills from guests with expertise in corporate, healthcare, politics, educational sectors, and many more. The Club provides a platform for everyone to learn from prestigious leaders in various fields and gain insights into their journeys, challenges, and successes.

Step up your leadership game with our workshop - where language is no obstacle! You can learn how to speak well, give tricky answers, and enhance leadership skills step by step with our mentors."

Leaders Club Of India


Our vision at the Leaders Club of India is to create a community of effective and ethical leaders who contribute to the development and growth of India. The Club offers a supportive and inclusive environment where participants can learn and grow without language barriers.​


Our mission at Leaders Club of India is to provide a platform for professionals to enhance their leadership skills through mentorship, networking, and practical training. We strive to empower individuals to become confident communicators, adept at public speaking, media interactions, and debates, and equipped with the necessary skills to succeed in their chosen fields.​

Learn Stage Fear Of Public Speaking In Delhi Ncr


During a public speaking workshop at our club, individuals can learn various skills and techniques to improve their public speaking abilities to perform activities.
Learn Political Debate In Delhi Ncr


In a debate workshop, individuals can learn how to argue their points of view and defend their position effectively. This may include researching.
Live Interview Training In Delhi Ncr

Live Interviews

Politicians or working professionals learn the importance of being clear, concise, and confident in front of the media during workshops. They are taught to use language effectively

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