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LCI don’t just support progressive change

"The power to influence lies in your words"   LCI is led by professionals with vast experience in different industries and has given valuable contributions, especially to fields like Politics, Law, Entrepreneurship, and more. We also invite prestigious personalities to our club time-to-time.

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Our Program "Abhyuday"

What do you get in Abhyuday?

Learn Stage Fear Of Public Speaking In Delhi Ncr


During a public speaking workshop at our club, individuals can learn various skills and techniques to improve their public speaking abilities. This may include developing confidence, refining delivery, and engaging with the audience. Participants may learn how to structure a speech, use body language and gestures effectively, and handle nervousness. Workshops also provide opportunities for participants to practice their skills in a supportive and constructive environment, receive feedback, and learn from experienced trainers and other participants.
Learn Political Debate In Delhi Ncr


In a debate workshop, individuals can learn how to argue their points of view and defend their position effectively. This may include researching both sides of an argument, preparing rebuttals and counterarguments, and practicing delivery and presentation skills. Participants can also learn techniques for engaging with their opponents and the audience, such as using body language, making eye contact, and using strong language and examples. Additionally, workshops may cover the format of debates, including opening and closing statements, cross-examination, and closing arguments, allowing participants to understand the structure and expectations of discussions.
Live Interview Training In Delhi Ncr

Live Interviews

Politicians or working professionals learn the importance of being clear, concise, and confident in front of the media during workshops. They are taught to use language effectively, avoid ambiguity, and stay on the message. Furthermore, they learn how to manage their interview emotions and project calm, regardless of the question or situation. Politicians also know how to anticipate questions, respond to difficult questions, and use body language to reinforce their message

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