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live interview training in delhi ncr

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Being a powerful spokesperson is essential for your public relations since you will be seen by the public more than anyone else in your organisation. We at LCI assist you in acquiring the qualities of a great spokesperson and assist you in becoming the public face and voice of your organisation, which also aids in gaining the audience's trust.

What is a media interview?

An interview with a journalist or other member of the media for publicity purposes is what it sounds like: it’s called a media interview. These interviews in public relations are intended to impart knowledge and specifics, pique curiosity, and spread awareness. Media interviews come in a variety of formats, including print, radio, and television.

How to conduct a media interview?

It should be informative.

The primary objective of a media interview is to supply information to a reporter who will then disseminate it to a news outlet. Media interviews can take many different forms. There are numerous ways to conduct interviews because journalists are using more platforms than before. The purpose of a media interview, whether it be by phone, TV, or radio, is to spread positive information about a client and generate interest in their work or objectives.

Your brand is propagated via it

Media interviews are a crucial strategy for promoting your brand. The quantity of people who view or are aware of your goods is directly impacted by receiving attention from a media organisation. How many consumers you contact will depend on the volume and type of coverage you receive. Use media interviews to promote your brand to increase interest and awareness.

It's quite unpredictable

You must get ready. Any media interview, regardless of how unimportant the subject or how well you know the journalist, is always a little unpredictable. Anyone going into an interview with the media should have a list of topics, a rough outline of their responses, a list of the interview’s objectives, and a strategy for handling delicate questions. Inquiring is part of a journalist’s work, regardless of how it makes you or your client feel. Being prepared is the key to handle this properly.
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