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The modern civilization in which we live is based on a debate. Debates are typically thought of as a formal dialogue between participants who have opposing points of view, presenting facts, reasoning, supporting evidence, and feelings, frequently taking place in front of an audience and using a debating framework. Every time we encounter opposing viewpoints in our daily lives, we engage in debates, and the ability to do so is a crucial quality in a person. Debate, whether formal or informal, is essential for the advancement of both the individual and the community. These are the seven reasons:

Debates train your critical thinking

When in disagreement, most people have a tendency to say things out of the blue, which leads to arguments rather than logical discussions. The debate consists of this logical discussion. Critical thinking is necessary while debating both opposing viewpoints and your own. This entails doubting the claims made with the aid of trustworthy information and expressing scepticism supported by facts. Your capacity for critical thought will enable you to take charge of every element of your life and set you apart from the herd.
Why Critical thinking is important:


Debates help you become a better speaker

No matter how sharp your mind is or how much you know about a subject, if you can’t explain your ideas clearly, translate them into meaningful words, and do it with an impressive presentational style, none of it will matter. You must perform all of these tasks throughout a debate, sometimes with advance planning and other times on the spot. Almost invariably, a brilliant debater must also be a polished public speaker.

Debates increase your knowledge

A person who engages in the constructive debate will always be well-informed and have a solid understanding of various topics. When debating, you must cite sources and gather data on a variety of subjects to support your position. In the world we live in today, intellect is a trait that comes with knowledge and is highly desired. Debates are a fantastic opportunity to apply your skills and broaden your knowledge base.

Debate is a method for resolving disputes

Throughout history, debates have been a potent tool for resolving disputes. The value of debates in resolving disputes is perfectly illustrated by the argument that took place in court. A strong debate’s conclusions are a useful tool for settling an argument. During the Age of Enlightenment, the London Debating Society was a notorious movement where a variety of themes and issues were discussed.

Debates are a way to develop ideas

Debates are a well-known method of presenting your thoughts to others because they are typically held in a public forum. Additionally, arguments provide you the chance to develop your views and persuade your audience to agree with your position. The US Presidential debates, where the candidates present their platforms to the general public, are aimed at addressing indecisive voters.

Debates help you become a better researcher

Debates need a lot of planning. Delivering reasoned arguments is necessary if you want to win debates on a certain subject. To do that, you must first gain as much knowledge as you can about the relevant subject and its associated subjects. You need to sift through the tremendous amount of knowledge that is available in books, studies, the real world, and online. The task of being able to retrieve pertinent and important information is as difficult as is required. So arguments aid in the development of strong research skills

Debate teaches you to be time conscious

The majority of arguments are time-limited affairs. Everyone has a set amount of time to speak during even casual debates. Therefore, arguments help you prioritise your thoughts and what you say while also giving you a better sense of time. You gain the ability to speak only what is essential, neither too little nor too much.
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